Sparkly begins cooperation with CCC Shoes&Bags, one of the largest footwear retailers in Central Europe and one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Europe. Regular live video sales sessions run by CCC Shoes&Bags on the social media channels, introduce to CCC’s e-commerce a shopping experience previously reserved only for traditional stores.

Currently when the shopping malls are closed, Sparkly helps introduce to e-commerce the shopping experience that traditional stores offer: contact with the seller, live product presentation or answering customers’ questions. Thanks to the technology offered by Sparkly, CCC can introduce these elements to live video sessions in a very simple and quick way.

Streamings led by CCC Shoes&Bags are available on the company's Facebook profile under the link:  https://www.facebook.com/CCC.Poland/live_videos/

These days when we are observing the changes which are taking place on the e-commerce market, we are developing our product in a way to be a tool which can support sales video sessions. Our solution is self-service, easy to use and affordable. Our ambition is to make our clients' employees a"stars" of live commerce - says Piotr Friedberg, CEO of Sparkly.

What features does Sparkly offer? Primarily easy-to-use widgets which enrich live streaming with the sales elements. The stream coordinator is able to handle everything independently, and there is no need to involve a team of professionals.

See CCC live commerce in action