Hello World! We are pleased to announce Sparkly - a new product just being launched in the market. It is a web-based platform that helps you enrich your live streaming by making your content more engaging. Sparkly helps you create stunning looking videos yourself - without involving a team of graphic designers and programmers.

We are just launching the beta version now. It still requires some work... but it's here already, ready to be tested and gather your feedback.

So, what does Sparkly offer today?

Creative widgets - the main advantage of Sparkly over other live streaming solutions. Our widgets are simply beautiful, they will make your stream look great, making it more engaging. We offer you a set of six ready-to-use widgets:
- countdown
- polls
- comments
- product list
- interstitial
- coming up next

For more details, please visit the Features page

Timeline stream planning

Plan and manage your live streaming session with our timeline. Just drag and drop events onto the plan and simply click to launch actions. With a solution like this, you can easily buiild your streaming scenario and then just launch the required actions while recording live. 

Sparkly live streaming studio view - timeline and scene settings
Sparkly live streaming studio view - timeline and scene settings

Video platform integration

Today we integrate with Facebook, YouTube to follow soon. What do you gain with integration? Real-time, automated integration of audience comments, and automated polls via hashtags. Just ask your audience a question and see what they say.

RTMP as a video source

That's the basic you need. Connect your camera via OBS (or anything else you like) so that you can send the RTMP signal to Sparkly. We will take care of the rest. Your laptop and smartphone camera integration is soon to come. 

Have fun with Sparkly, upgrades are coming soon! :)