The impact of the global situation on market realities

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, has already reached over 100 countries worldwide. The number of infected people is increasing every day and reaches almost 200,000 people.

As a consequence of the global threat, numerous events, concerts, and conferences are canceled. Hotels and restaurants, as well as shopping malls, fitness centers, and schools, are being closed. The recommendations issued by the World HealthOrganization also concern the work system. Many people work remotely to avoid contact with potentially infected people.

As a result, many businesses are already struggling with financial problems. After all, a lack of customers means only one thing - no income. However, some industries can, and should, move their business to the Internet to avoid problems.

What can you do to save your business from a pandemic?

Modern technologies and almost universal access to the network make the entry barrier to e-business relatively low. All you need is a good idea, prepared strategy, the selection of appropriate tools and... willingness!

Although so far, many of us thought that the only alternative to offline activities are video conferences or using communicators, it turns out that this is not the end of the possibilities. Today, fast and efficient communication, which engages the audience through appropriately told stories, is supported by live streaming.

What's live streaming?

Live streaming is nothing but live video streaming. Unlike popular video formats on the Internet, live streaming takes place in real-time. To carry it out, you need a device with Internet access (computer, smartphone, or tablet) and a transmission platform (e.g., Facebook, YouTube). Tools such as Sparkly will also be helpful. Thanks to this internet platform, you can plan your live streaming step by step and enrich it with a several appealing features, including:

  • countdown - information about the transmission start, which builds an atmosphere of tension and anticipation;
  • polls - with open and closed questions that engage audiences and give them a sense of importance;
  • comments -i.e., showing on the screen the most interesting audience statements;
  • product list - together with a package of photos, the name and price, which allows the audience to get to know better our offer;
  • coming up next- to be able to show to the audience the planned agenda of the meeting and make sure that every point of it will be presented.

In which business areas can live streaming be used?

Live streaming is an easy and really effective way to reach your audience in real-time. It can effectively replace face-to-face meetings, which are definitely not advisable during a pandemic. If you are wondering how you can use it in your business, we have some examples for you.

1. Live streaming of sports activities

Whether you are a personal trainer, running a gym, or sports activities for children, during a coronavirus pandemic, you can take your classes to the online world.You will conduct them as before, with only one difference. Your clients will be on the other side of the screen.

You can stream your training plan for a selected group of people who pay a monthly subscription. Thanks to a live broadcast on Facebook or YouTube with Sparkly's support, you can be sure that the recipients will have no problems with accessing the exercises, and an interesting form of their presentation will build a sense of commitment in them.

During alive stream, you can ask them about the results achieved, the time of performing particular exercises, or the level of their difficulty. The most interesting comments will be shown on the screen. You can also use the voting option to choose the optimal exercise set for your next online meeting. Simple, right?

Sparkly live streaming in sport / fitness
Sparkly live streaming in sport / fitness

2. Live streaming of conferences and industry events

Numerous conferences or industry events were planned long ago, many months before the pandemic started. Their organizers have three options in the current situation:

  1. cancel the entire event and reimburse the tickets purchased,
  2. postpone it,
  3. executed according to the plan, but in slightly different realities - without an audience. At least the one that was planned to appear in a given place physically.

Which option do you choose? "3" seems quite tempting, right? Streaming live will be helpful in the realization of this plan. Everyone who wants to participate in such an event should get information about the channel where the event will be broadcast. It is important to remember that watching the speeches and listening to the next speakers must take an attractive form. So, take care of the appropriate graphic design, present the agenda of the meeting to the participants, collect questions from the audience, conduct voting among them and show the most interesting comments live on the computer screen.

Sparkly live streaming at business conference
Sparkly live streaming at business conference

3. Live streaming from a concert or a show

During a pandemic, there is also no need to cancel all concerts or performances. Your fans will be happy to take part in the event online! After all, the opportunity to participate in a spectacle or concert will allow many people to get away from reality.

Before you start organizing such an event, make sure you have the right lighting and sound system. These are extremely important elements that will allow viewers to experience the streamed cultural event even better. Remember also about the elements of interaction with the virtual audience - ask them if they liked the performance, what song they choose for the encore or if the planned time of the next performance is appropriate.

Sparkly live streaming - music events
Sparkly live streaming - music events

4. Live streaming motor show

Due to the restrictions, you also don't have to give up the planned motor show. The whole event, in consultation with the exhibitors, can be broadcast live on theInternet. All you have to do is prepare an exhibition stand at your place, and the whole event will be reported online.

Prepare a studio that will be connected with the exhibitors. During the live streaming, the host will present individual offers, discuss novelties and trends in the industry. Thanks to the use of new technologies, viewers will be able to ask questions, take part in votes, or learn about the technical data of a given car model on their computer screen.  

Motor show live streaming
Motor show live streaming

5. Live streaming of training

The training industry also has problems due to the pandemic. Restrictions in public transport, the risk of being in a larger group of people have caused many people, to give up their participation in the planned workshops. In such situations, it is also worth thinking about transferring these events to the online world. The presentation prepared for the training will be equally interesting to see during the virtual meeting.

After all, today practically everyone has access to the computer, the Internet, and social media. If you decide to conduct current as well as future training online, you can not only count on an engaged group of recipients but also on an easy promotion. Use social channels for this. Inform your fans in advance that all training courses will be held online in the near future. Create a dedicated event so they can join to learn about the detailed agenda. This will also help to broaden your network - any sharing or interaction with your post increases its range.

During the training live streaming, don't forget to involve participants. Ask them questions, show their comments, present the agenda of the whole meeting after each thematic block. This will make you sure that the entire group works equally, and the presented material is understandable.

Training education live streaming
Training education live streaming

Don't wait for further changes - use live streaming to promote your business!

As you can see, live streaming gives entrepreneurs many opportunities. Live streaming guarantees a much greater involvement of the audience than traditional video.It is an excellent tool to present the "human side" of each brand -both personal and business, to present an offer or to familiarize the audience with the range of services provided. With Sparkly's help, you can plan your entire presentation quickly and easily. What is important is that you don't have to have extensive technical skills to do it. Built-in "drag and drop" functionality allows you to create inspiring and engaging streaming.Thanks to this form of communication, you will be in constant contact with your clients, survive the pandemic period with peace of mind, and make your business profitable.