Did you know that video live streaming accounts for more than two-thirds of all internet traffic and is expected to grow to 82% by 2020? Breaking news makes up 56% of most-viewed live content during conferences, concerts, or events. If you want your sporting event to reach out to a broad audience and be attractive to them, then you need to get to know Sparkly!

Live streaming sports – what’s new?

The media landscape is changing at a very fast rate. Television, which has dominated the media for almost 50 years, is losing its audience to streaming media services. Sport has always been popular with television broadcasters. However, user preferences for content consumption are changing rapidly. Increasingly, sports organizations are streaming matches and competitions over the Internet. Why? Both live and on-demand streaming solutions offer some significant advantages over traditional TV broadcasting. These include:

- Entry barriers 

Do you know how much airtime costs? A lot, even a lot! Usually, big sports organizations can afford to buy it. National team matches and popular sports can, of course, count on a permanent presence in the TV schedule. Other sporting events, unfortunately, do not have so much power, and although fans may be interested in them, in practice, it often turns out that they have to follow the results on the Internet after the games are over. A big loss, isn't it? Emotions that accompany the games of your favorite sports team are enormous! Live streaming does not involve competing for limited and expensive antenna time, so the entry barriers are much lower.

- Global audience

Thanks to streaming we can reach a wide audience. Live transmission removes distance barriers, time differences, and allows broadcasters to access viewers more directly. It also reduces costs and difficulties in negotiating agreements with numerous distributors and partners.

- Engagement

Live streaming allows viewers to interact. This is particularly important during sporting events. The excitement of the fans can be released - prediction of results together or selection of the best player builds the community, which would not be possible during the TV broadcasts of sports events.

How to stream sports events?

New technologies are making streaming via Facebook or YouTube more common and accessible to almost everyone. So, if you want to join the streaming community, take a closer look at Sparkly, a cloud-based tool that helps you plan and run streaming.

Thanks to Sparkly, the stream from a sporting event can look professional and interesting. It can become something more than just a video report published on YouTube or Facebook, showing the game from a static camera. Amateur football tournaments, indoor charity tournaments, fencing competitions, or horse jumping - practically every sports discipline has a big group of fans who would be happy to follow live competitions.  Now it is possible to do it with a tiny amount of work.

Using Sparkly for streaming, you can use the following features:

  • Logo - you can permanently add the logo of your club, sponsor, or league to your relation. It will be visible in the place you choose during the streaming.
  • Comment manual - this widget allows you to comment in real-time on what is happening in the game. This way, you can inform the viewers who scored the goal, who got the yellow card, when the player finished the ride, how far he/she jumped, or comment on the status of the competition.
  • Interstitial - this feature gives us the possibility to display any graphics on the screen. We have to prepare it in advance and, depending on the type of event, publish it at the right time. It can be a poster informing about the competition, which you will show at the beginning of the streaming, it can be a graphics with a cup for the winner or a team presentation. There are many possibilities. Everything depends on your creativity and imagination.
  • Product list - streaming can also be combined with sales or charity action. During the live streaming, you can present gadgets related to the club or encourage viewers to bid for a t-shirt or ball with the best sportsman's autograph. This information will be displayed in the indicated section of the screen and will surely interest the audience.
  • Coming up next - allows you to easily and quickly display information about what will be next in your event program. If the games are played in the cup system, you can inform who qualifies further. You can also inform about the upcoming break or planned interview with a sportsman.
Sparkly coming up next widget in sports streaming
Sparkly countdown widget in sport streaming
Sparkly coming up next widget in sports streaming

Do you feel Sparkly's potential now? This tool can be successfully used to live streaming in fashion and e-commerce, also, during private events and family meetings. The intuitive interface provides the comfort of use, and additional widgets increase the attractiveness of streaming. Are you interested? Be sure to try Sparkly - ask for demo access! One thing is clear – live streaming is the future of media and entertainment, and that includes live stream sports events.