Streaming live during an interview

Conducting a live interview with a well-known and recognized authority in a given field is usually a recipe for breaking successive community engagement records of each creator. The announcement of a conversation with a recognizable personality generates much interest and is one of the most frequently used tactics to boost the reach. Communicating information about the interview's topic, referring to the guest's expertise and proposing the presentation of expertise and ways of using it to solve various problems faced by the target audience, is also a great way to prepare an effective strategy to promote such a speech. There is no need to hide - an interview during live streaming gives much more possibilities than a directed video post with a previously recorded conversation. Such a message often breaks down barriers and gives fans a sense of closeness even when they are sitting in front of a computer screen.

Introduction to real-time interview streaming

When starting to perform a live interview, it is worthwhile to precede it with a short introduction and presentation of the meeting agenda. If you use Sparkly, you can use the “Coming up next” module to do this. With this feature, you will guide your fans step by step through the topics you plan to present in the interview.

Good practice also includes referring to the topic of the conversation, introducing our guest and briefly telling about the circumstances that influenced the arrangement and the character of the conversation.

It is also an interesting option to give the viewers a chance to influence the course of the interview themselves. How to do that? Allow your fans to ask questions in comments or vote.  This will increase their involvement and make them stay with you until the end of the interview. When planning to stream live in Sparkly, you can use the “comments” and “polls” features. The first one will display the most interesting questions or comments during live streaming, while the second one allows you to interact with users by asking open- and close-ended question.

Streaming live during an interview - what are the benefits of this form of presentation?

1. Possibility of live interaction with the audience 

Streaming live during the interview gives the viewers the full space to interact with the host and invited guest. How this streaming will run, depends to a large extent on the moderation of a given transmission. One of the solutions is the question selection from the participants during the interview. It is also possible to plan the whole interview in advance together with the invited guest. Which option you choose should depend on your streaming experience and the expectations of your audience. During the scheduled streaming, it is easier to achieve the intended goals, however, introducing live elements of interaction and answering viewers' questions involves them much more strongly. Read more about live streaming planning on our blog!

2. A valuable source of information about your fans

Questions from fans may make it a good idea to leave the previously agreed interview scenario for a while. Although this requires the host to be able to handle the prior prepared material efficiently, the results can be really great!  Comments and questions from viewers who joined the broadcast are often also an ideal material for preparing further, exciting interviews. It is a source of inspiration and issues that bother your fans - pay attention to it!

streaming live during an interview
Sparklylive.com - live interactions with audience during the interview

3. Any place and time - streaming the interview

Another advantage of streaming is the possibility of organizing an interview under almost any circumstances. Just take the equipment required for live streaming with you and conduct the interview in practically any place!

The program prepared in such a way expands the conversation format to a more dynamic presentation, during which the hosts with the guest can present exactly how to use the specific knowledge in practice. This is an excellent way to add variety to the traditional form of the interview - for reporting from the slope during a conversation with a ski instructor or for taking a short video from the kitchen during live streaming referring to culinary topics. Doesn't it sound interesting?

Streaming live during the interview allows for the presentation of the so-called “human face” of the experts, the host and the brands. At the same time, it gives a relatively good view of what the community is thinking and how it communicates, which gathers around a given topic and channel. The ability to stream live in almost any situation allows you to report on practically any conversation. Thanks to this simple technology, even a spontaneous meeting can be transformed into a live social media conversation. It seems that in today's culture focused on authentic online creativity, live streaming on Facebook or YouTube is actually the best way to do any interview.

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