Did you know that Lee Alexander McQueen was the forerunner of streaming in the fashion industry? At the end of 2009, he streamed his own Spring/Summer 2010 Plato Atlantis collection show from Parisduring Fashion Week, probably making it the most popular and valued one. He said at the time that "I wanted to create a sense of inclusion for all those in the world who are interested in my work and the world of fashion. This is just the first step towards revolutionizing the 'show system' as we know it.". Have his actions been successful?

Live streaming in the fashion industry

The show generated nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube, and although McQueen did not present any more collections - the mentioned earlier show was the last one - the concept of streaming from fashion events quickly spread. Four years later, live streaming became the norm during Fashion Week.

Although the first years of streaming did not generate significant ROI, they served the industry to build the image of individual brands and expandtheir DNA. For example, a study released by Jarrada Clark, global creativedirector of IMG Fashion, showed that 60 live shows broadcast during New YorkFashion Week in February 2013 attracted a total of 840,000 viewers, making anaverage of only 14,000 impressions per show. The Burberry show was the mostpopular among the audience.

Over the years, the interest in streaming fashion shows has grown.What's more, it now also provides brands with added value in terms of increased consumer involvement in social media channels. Carolina Herrera's 2016 collection show generated 51.2 million impressions, and the brand gained 60,000 new online visitors. In addition to these vast statistics, Carolina Herrera was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as "the best live streaming in NYFW." Can you also use the potential of streaming in the fashion industry? Surely yes!


Use the potential of video live streaming and earn more!

In fact, live-stream apps, like Sparkly, are changing the way people shop. Shopping moments now take place in the consumer's daily online activities. Product discovery can happen anywhere, anytime, and shopping is becoming more and more connected to our lives.

Live shopping is a fast-growing industry - especially in China, where local streams reached 456 million viewers and generated $4.4 billion in salesin 2018. According to Deloitte, this represents a 37% increase over the previous year. And according to Gartner, more than 100 million viewers in China watch live video on the web every month. When used in the e-fashion industry, live streaming usually involves celebrities or influencers who show the product and answer questions from digital consumers in real-time.

Of course, it is not only the Chinese who actively use streaming. The popularity of video and live streaming is growing year by year. It is worth following this trend closely and also taking advantage of the benefits it offers on the wave of popularity.


The icing on the cake can also be yours - meet Sparkly!

Sparkly is a cloud platform that helps you prepare a captivating live streaming experience for your audience. Intuitive interface and widgets that enhance streaming appeal are just some of the advantages of Sparkly! With Sparkly, you can create stunning videos on your own - without the involvementof a team of graphics and software developers. How can Sparkly help promote your fashion business?

1. Presentation of products 

During the streaming, you can show your audience specific sets of clothes and stylizations. While talking about them, you can simultaneously display on the screen the elements that create a particular stylization and encourage them to buy them. In this way, each product can be presented separately, with a photo, size and color variations, or price. Just use the "Product list" widget from Sparkly when planning your streaming.

Sparkly product widget for fashion streaming
Sparkly product widget for fashion streaming

2. Discussion with viewers

While streaming with Sparkly, you also have the opportunity to increase viewer engagement through conversation. You can ask them questions about which styling they think is best, create surveys and votes for the top product of the month, and keep track of comments. Use the "Comments" widget to dothis. The most interesting reviews will then be displayed live.

Sparkly comments widget for fashion streaming
Sparkly comments widget for fashion streaming

3. Building a community

Regular streaming has one more important feature. It creates an engaged community around the brand. The fashion industry offers a wide range of opportunities to show off. After all, the sales stage is one of the last stages of the customer's buying process. However, before the transaction is finalized, you need to convince the customer to choose your offer. So, let yourself be known as a style icon and an expert on fashion trends. Prepare live streaming on what every woman needs to find in her wardrobe for the upcoming season, advise on how to combine colors and different material structures, and also teach how to choose accessories to make styling unique.

You can, of course, use Sparkly to make each of these ideas come true! The "Countdown" feature will warm up the atmosphere before the streaming and allow viewers time to watch it. The "poll" widget will encourage them to share their opinions, and the "product list" widget will make it easier for you to present your products and make viewers feel almost like shopping in a stationary store.

What's essential, Sparkly has an easy-to-use interface - you won't need to hire specialists to use it. Drag and drop features make it easy for even those with little technical knowledge to plan exciting and engaging streaming. If you want to learn how to prepare streaming in 6 steps you should also read our mini-guide.