Why is it worth using live streaming in your company?

In the Harvard Business Review, we read that poor communication is a "silent killer of large companies". On the other hand, companies perceived as successful are those that implement communication methods that allow managers to get closer to their employees, implement communication systems that promote dialogue, not monologue, and engage employees in greater activity in the communication process. These issues are particularly important in relation to employees working remotely, as well as those who travel a lot in their daily work and do not have permanent access to e-mail. And here live streaming comes in handy.

Imagine that you can improve communication, only by a few clicks - all you need is live streaming to present important information to all employees in the form of an interesting presentation. It is said that the picture says 1000 words. So, think about how many words the video says?

streaming live presentation
Sparkly | Streaming live company presentation

The advantages of live streaming are also:

  • Availability 24h/7,
  • No communication barriers despite different time zones or locations from which we work,
  • Ability to make a quick and engaging presentation for many people without having to leave the office,
  • Breaking down barriers between lower-level employees and management,
  • No need to book conference rooms, cover travel or accommodation costs.

Is live streaming of presentations challenging to do?

If you are concerned that streaming a live corporate presentation is difficult to do, you are wrong. Modern tools, such as Sparkly, make it easy to stream live presentations even for those who don't have much technical knowledge. 

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What do you need to do to prepare a live streaming presentation for your employees?

First of all, make a presentation plan and create a good agenda for your presentation. You can do it in Sparkly - just drag and drop the preferred features into the plan and then click to start the action.

Secondly, set up the audio and video connection, then connect to the chosen platform,

Thirdly, take care of the details - background behind you, and make sure that no one will make any disturbing noises while you will be streaming.

REMEMBER: Check all settings and your Internet connection before you start your presentation.

Try to get your employees involved

During the presentation, remember that people have a limited ability to focus. Concentrate on the most critical issues, plan attractive breaks and involve workers in the presentation.

You can enable polling or presenting live the best comments. Sparkly has all these features. The "Comments" widget allows you to select the most exciting content and add it to your video. The " Poll" function allows to ask the audience open and closed questions, also using hashtags or emoticons. Importantly, polling results can be displayed immediately during streaming. You can also add the "Coming up next" function to better plan and manage your live employee presentation. Simply drag and drop events into the project and click to start at the preferred time.

Live streaming presentation for employees - join in too!

Today, modern live streaming is easier than ever. Equipment to start live streaming is inexpensive and widely available, and the online infrastructure is scalable and configurable. Best of all, reaching a broad audience immediately no longer requires investment in expensive servers or software with a limited lifespan. In short, live streaming of corporate presentations is more accessible than ever - for all kinds of businesses. 

If you want to try live streaming in your company, be sure to meet Sparkly! Start the 14-day trial period for free today!