Live streaming - what to pay attention to when creating a promotion strategy?

The key to success in live streaming is a properly prepared promotion strategy. First of all, we should take into account the expectations and needs of our recipients, the nature of our brand, and the tools used in the promotion should be adapted to the goal that live streaming is to achieve. 

Before you start, think carefully about the purpose of your live streaming on Facebook. Do you want to sell your services or products? Increase brand recognition? Encourage recipients to follow your other social media channels as well? Notify them of a new course? Or maybe you are a musician and want to stream your concert on Facebook? As you can see, there are really many possibilities. Live streaming on Facebook or YouTube offers great opportunities for almost every industry.

So how to promote live streaming on Facebook step by step?

1. Plan your live streaming promotion on Facebook early enough

If you already know what, to whom and for what purpose you want to communicate, it's time to plan a promotional campaign. A significant issue here is the proper timing of the whole advertising campaign. Remember that your recipients use Facebook at different times and in various forms. Some people browse new posts on their way to work, others look for specific events and others only engage in video posts. 

Fortunately, you don't have to wander around and choose the right form of promotion blindly. You will find many data in fan page statistics, as well as in Business Manager, under Analytics. Remember - the more you know about the recipients of your content, their needs and preferences, the better you can adjust your live streaming promotion strategy.

2. Create a series of information posts about the planned live streaming

The next step is to create posts promoting your live performance on Facebook. Use a variety of formats - posts with simple graphics, animation or short video. Remember to tell your audience exactly when you plan to stream live on Facebook. When choosing the time, you can ask about your fans' preferences.

You can use the poll option available on Facebook or do short live streaming using Sparkly. The polling widget will help you get answers to your questions.

3. Promote live streaming on Facebook through an event

It is also a good idea to create an event to promote your streaming live. Describe in it exactly what your live streaming will be about, when it will take place and at what times. People who show interest in the event and mark themselves 'interested' or 'going' at the same time promote your event and spread the information about streaming to their friends through such activities.

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4. Paid promotional campaigns of live streaming on Facebook

The effects of promotional activities can be enhanced if you decide on paid advertising campaigns on Facebook. They are available for both individual posts and events. Thanks to them, not only your fans but also new people will learn about your live streaming. By creating a paid advertising campaign, you can very precisely define the target group - determine their age, gender, place of residence and link this data with their interests.

5. Take care of the visual aspect

Also remember that all advertising creations, regardless of the formats used, should be visually coherent and emphasize the character of your brand. Remember that 'A picture tells a thousand words'! When our eyes hit a visual message, our brain interprets it as a picture from the real world. Then we instinctively react emotionally, and then we start to analyze what we have seen. Additionally, we have to remember that as much as 90% of the information our brain processes are related to the sense of sight. So, if you want to be sure that your strategy of promoting live streaming on Facebook will be effective, take care of the aesthetics and quality of the graphics presented in posts, events, as well as during streaming.

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Remember that the earlier you inform your recipients about the planned live streaming, the better. This is of great importance not only when streaming live sports events, fashion shows, but also when we want to show to your fans a new assortment of the store or familiarize them with your training offer. Remember that one-time publication of information about the planned streaming is not enough. In the multitude of posts on Facebook, your fans may not notice this news. So, it is worth to start communication at least two weeks before the event, and on the day of the streaming "turn up" the atmosphere by introducing a countdown. The Sparkly countdown widget will also help you with this!

When planning a live streaming scenario, it's also worth considering how we can relate to the topic of the next planned streams. During such communication, it is possible to directly suggest to users the creation of another important topic for them, to have an interview with a well-known expert and to communicate the date of the next event. The promotion of subsequent live streams on Facebook during current broadcasts also provides an opportunity to introduce the audience to the subject of planned programs. 

We hope that the above advice will help you develop a strategy for the promotion of live streaming on Facebook and that the advertising of your live streams will be permanently included in your brand's content strategy.

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