First steps - streaming on YouTube

To set up a broadcast, you obviously need a YouTube account and channel. Importantly, the channel must be verified, and the "Live Streaming" option must be enabled.  It can take 24 hours to access the live streaming function. Once activated, you will be able to start streaming immediately. You will receive from YouTube your unique channel address where you will stream your broadcasts. This way, fans will find you easily.

It should be remembered that YouTube is very respectful of copyrights and quality of published materials. Automatic protection systems regularly ensure that the content posted on the site is legal. If irregularities are detected, your account can be blocked for 90 days.

How to prepare for a live broadcast on YouTube?

Live streaming on YouTube is an excellent opportunity to make new contacts with your audience, introduce them to your services or products and develop your channel. The ability to watch and talk to the creator in real-time is an exciting experience for fans. However, in order for your performance to be effective, you need to prepare for it. There are a few things you need to pay special attention to:

What is the purpose of your streaming?

Specify the exact purpose of your streaming on YouTube. Plan whether it will be part of your regular schedule or rather a one-off event. Think about how a live broadcast will enable your audience to get a better understanding of the topic, how it will meet their needs and engage them enough to watch the next streaming.

Think about how to make streaming more attractive

While preparing the broadcast, try to keep the balance between planning and improvisation - the audience wants to know your real personality. If you choose Sparkly, use Timeline and Coming up next widgets. First one will help you to plan and manage your live streaming session. Just drag and drop events onto the plan and simply click to launch actions. With the second one, you'll show your fans the next points on the agenda.

Sparkly | Make a plan

Prepare a plan

It should contain essential information or calls to action addressed to viewers. The possibility of live polling or commenting will certainly engage your audience. If you plan a live stream on YouTube using Sparkly, these widgets will be available. Also, think of viewers who can't watch a live broadcast. The possibility of recording your performance will be the right choice. Your fans will watch the broadcast later, at their preferred time. Remember that the plan helps to organize and organize your live broadcast.

Invite a co-host

Ask a friend or other creator to lead the streaming on YouTube with you. This way, you can easily realize the plan of the event, and you won't miss a thing. Your co-host can help you choose the most interesting comments (from behind the camera or directly), give you the items you want to show the audience, or keep an eye on the plan. He or she is also invaluable during technical disturbances - after all, anything can happen during live performance!

Are you planning your first stream? Read how to plan it in 6 steps! Button: CLICK HERE (https://www.sparklylive.com/blog/6-steps-to-plan-a-live-streaming)

Streaming promotion on YouTube

Promotion is the key to gaining popularity and arousing interest. Think about your promotional opportunities before, during and after the live broadcast on YouTube. Check out three important points:

Before streaming

Informing fans in advance about the live broadcast increases the likelihood that they will watch it. You can:

  • Use the channel description to promote the date, time and theme of the stream or place an ad on the channel banner.
  • Create a title, description and thumbnail so that your broadcast can be easily found when it starts.
  • Publish sneakers with the most interesting fragments in social media and count down the time remaining until the start of the live broadcast (such a widget has Sparkly).

Note: You can schedule a live stream in advance and then share its date, time and URL with social media to build a waiting atmosphere.

While streaming

Fans who subscribe to your channel can activate notifications when the live broadcast starts. They can decide whether they want to receive push notifications on mobile devices or via email. Your scheduled streaming can also be displayed to potential viewers in search results, on the YouTube homepage and in proposed videos.

After streaming 

Allow your fans to watch the recording of your presentation and make them wait impatiently for the next broadcast. You can also share this recording with other social media. This will increase your channel's popularity on YouTube, and a larger group of fans will be watching you during the next stream.

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