In the era of COVID-19 it’s obvious for many companies to move big meetings into a video-conference mode. It’s pretty clear. You set up a video call, send dial in numbers or a link to all participants, everyone meets via a web application to run an efficient meeting ;-) All great… but this is not always working well. Let’s just imagine a town hall meeting for 2.000 people… well, it would not be easy or even possible with a simple video conference software. A live streaming solution sounds like a better idea. But how to make it work well? Let’s try to set up a solution with few assumptions in mind:

  • we normally run such events offline, having everyone on place - lets consider to reach 2.000 participants;
  • the event is dedicated to our employees only, we don’t want anyone else to take part;
  • we need to have a host / or few of them. Anyway, there is a studio and a presenter/s needed;
  • we want people to be active, ask questions;
  • some of the participants asking questions want to ask them in person, we want them to speak;
  • it might be needed to let some keynote speakers talk;
  • we want to ask people about their opinion on specific subjects;
  • And much, much more…

Let’s see how this could work. We want a fast and cost efficient solution. It is possible with the use of just 3 tools that are fully integrated with each other: Facebook, Sparkly and Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: set up a Facebook private group and invite your participants

We need a platform to host everybody. Facebook and groups sound like a fast and good solution. Why?

  • many people have already Facebook account and they are familiar with Facebook features;
  • Facebook offers private groups - you can create a group that is dedicated to specific people and easily manage access, no one else will get in there.

Step 2: Use Sparkly Live streaming studio to produce live streaming event

Sparkly is a SAAS service that offers you a set of ready to use creative widgets that will help you with your task. Let’s see what do we have here.

  1. go to www.sparklylive.com/trial and create an account;
  2. configure a project with preferred video source and Facebook private group as a video destination;
  3. now you need to build a scenario for your live streaming, and here all the magic happens!

Step 3: Build streaming scenario

Sparkly offers you a set of easy to use creative widgets. Let’s see how it can help us with our conference meeting:

Use „coming up next’ widget to present the meeting agenda and keynote speakers.

Present event agenda
Present event agenda

Whoever is speaking, use „comment - manual input” widget to present the speaker.

Keynote speaker introduction

Viewers will ask you questions. They will post comments below your Facebook live video. Select the most valuable ones (Sparkly will help you with that) and display them in your video. Answer them.

Keynote speakers introduction
Present viewers' comments

Some people would like to talk to you. Choose such a person and give him/her a call via Facebook Messenger (or any other video call app like Skype, MS Teams, ZOOM, anything). When you are connected, you can share a call to all Facebook live viewers. Both audio and video calls can be shared.

Use screen sharing option (video source) to allow participants speak

If you want to ask your viewers about their opinion, let them poll! Just ask a questions and let them comment with #answer. All such comments will be automatically collected, so that you can see a result and display it on your video.

Ask your viewers, let them decide

Sounds simple? It really is!

Step 4: Now start your streaming

All set? Your scenario is ready? Just press „start streaming” button and have fun! And remember to register at Sparkly.