What do you need to start to stream live video?

Many people will surely tell you that a smartphone with Facebook or YouTube app is enough. Maybe so, but if you really want to stand out among streamers, you need to take care of better preparation. Remember that the fastest and easiest way to live stream is not always the best. In some cases, you may also face limitations. For example, you can't use YouTube on your smartphone to live streaming unless you have at least 1000 subscribers. The smartphone will also not be sufficient if you want to have an excellent quality streaming experience, for example, during an event, a fashion show, or a sport event.

1. The basis for a live video streaming setup

However, whatever content you create and whatever platform you stream it on, streaming configuration always consists of a few basic things:

  • Software that you can use to plan your streaming – Sparkly and for example OBS that will support RTMP,
  • Equipment - camera, microphone, good quality internet connection,
  • The choice of the streaming platform - Facebook or YouTube is a good choice.

Of course, you can't forget about the audience - building a committed community that will be waiting for your live streams, but about that in a moment.

Sparkly live streaming studio

2. Make a plan for live streaming

Now that you have the gear you need, you can start planning your live streaming. Planning is the keyword here - the better you think about the broadcast scenario, the more you will gain. Both on the side of commitment and audience satisfaction, as well as on the side of achieving your goal. Take some time to think about what the content of your live stream will be like. Think about what you will talk about what you want to show the audience and how to do it to attract their attention. The most important steps are:

  • Prepare a live streaming scenario (you can do it in Sparkly - just drag and drop the preferred features into the plan and then just click to start the action).
  • Set up the audio and video connection,
  • Connect to the chosen platform,
  • Take care of the details like lightning, green screen, or any other background behind you, make sure that no one will make any disturbing noises while you will be streaming.

Want to know more about planning live streaming?

3. Engage the audience

Before you start streaming, you need to ensure that it is properly promoted and that viewers are encouraged to watch your show. It is also essential to involve them in the interaction during the streaming. How to do this?

  • Notify your audience about the planned streaming on your social channels. Enter the date and time of the event and remind your fans of your presence on the event day.
  • While speaking, encourage them to comment, vote and poll. All these widgets are offered by Sparkly. For example, the "Comments" feature allows you to choose the most exciting content and add it to the video material. The "Polls" function will enable you to ask the audience open and closed questions, also with hashtags or emoticons. Voting results can be displayed immediately during the streaming. You may also add "Coming up next" feature to better plan and manage your live streaming session with Sparkly's timeline. Just drag and drop events into the project and simply click to launch actions at the preferred time.
  • Give the audience a chance to express themselves - leave time for a Q&A session.

comments widget in Sparkly
Sparkly comments feature

To sum up, we have a few facts for you:

  • Remember that although your live streaming audience may be broad, the group of people involved and willing to interact will be up to 30% (if you achieve a better result, please let us know!).
  • Viewers are hard to please, so you need to show them that you’re worth their time. Especially first streaming requires a lot of planning.
  • The way you present yourself to an audience will allow you to develop your own brand, and ultimately, community. Think about what is crucial for you and your target group before you start live streaming.

We hope you're ready for your first live streaming now! Remember that you can take advantage of the 14-day free trial period at Sparkly!