Do social changes affect religious life?

Almost universal access to the Internet has changed the way people communicate with each other. It is practically impossible to be in a public place for more than a few minutes without seeing someone using their smartphone to check Facebook, read an article or send a message.

Churches have also recognized the potential in the era of advanced technologies and are increasingly conducting live streaming of their events. What prompted them to do so? The answer is simple. Clergy watching the community noticed that they were spending more and more time on various types of digital devices. Therefore, if they want to reach out to the members of their community with church teaching, they must be where they are - online. 

live streaming during masses
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Benefits of live streaming services

Streaming live from a church or other religious service offers many benefits. These include, for example:

  • The ability to reach people who are sick, too old or have a disability - by streaming live from the church they can participate in important events without leaving home.
  • Streaming live from religious events will also be appreciated by travellers - they will still be able to participate in their religious community.
  • It is also an ideal way to extend the reach beyond the local community and an opportunity to attract new people to the religious group.

Besides, live streaming recordings of religious events can be shared as a video on demand. This way, all people can actually participate in important events, regardless of the time zone and place where they live.

Nowadays, many people struggle with the problem of isolation and alienation. These are extremely complicated topics, which not everyone can deal with on their own. One way in which religious communities can try to fight this is to use modern tools to spread their teachings and sense of belonging. Streaming live religious events can be a perfect option to break down barriers and make changes in life.

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Why stream religious events?

Easy setup and low hardware costs are among the key factors that allow churches to start streaming live events immediately. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, people gathered around a given religious group can participate in important events without leaving home.

Of course, a live broadcast is effective if it can satisfy its audience. This is true even for religious live stream - if they are not properly timed, people may miss them. The ability to schedule streaming at certain times of the day, such as after work, or at certain times of the week, such as the weekend, can be very beneficial to the community. 

With Sparkly, you get these features. This tool offers an intuitive way to manage live sessions and makes them even more engaging and interesting for the audience. Importantly, everything can be set up on your own without the involvement of a team of graphic designers and programmers.

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