With Sparkly you can easily display products while running your sales video in social media or on your website. Simply create a Product widget and display products you are showcasing. It's as simple as just one click. Today we have added a new feature: automatically publish links to products you are presenting! See how it works.

As video streaming platforms like Youtube and Facebook do not allow you to add clickable content to your video, it was a challenge to present products you are showcasing and link them to your online shop. We have changed that! Sparkly offers an easy way to showcase your products and link them to the shop offer. See how it works.

Step 1: present your products with Sparkly Product widgets

Step 2: For every of your products you can add a link

Step 3: when publishing a product, link to this product will be automatically published as a comment in your Youtube chat or Facebook comments section.

Easy? It really is! Now when you are live streaming, you don’t have to worry about people asking where to buy products you showcase. All links will be automatically published within livestream comments. What is more, when your stream ends, all links will be added to your video stream description, so that new viewers can access them even easier.

Have a look at the results. Nice, isn't it?

Have fun and don’t forget to try Sparkly for free!