How to prepare for streaming on Facebook or YouTube?

Streaming extends the possibilities of traditional video content with an additional dimension of direct interaction between creators and viewers. Everyone who joins the live streaming can actively participate, which makes users more involved and more likely to consume the content. In this way, you can present virtually anything from new clothing collections to sports equipment, training tips, and recipes. Streaming on YouTube and Facebook gives a real sense of participation in the event and engages viewers much more and for a longer time than traditional video posts. What elements do you need to consider when planning a video live streaming? Please read our mini-guide!

1. Create an agenda and define the goal of the live streaming

First of all, clearly define your live performance goal and think about what the plan should consist of to achieve it. It doesn't have to be a professional scenario with all the details, minute by minute. However, it is worth pointing out what information we want to share with the audience and have constant access to it. In Sparkly, you can use a dedicated widget - "coming up next". Thanks to it you will know which points have already been presented and which need to be specified.

We also recommend considering what additional elements we want to show during the live streaming. When preparing a plan in Sparkly, you can, for example, present to your audience:

  • the planned agenda,
  • product photos,
  • the most interesting comments,
  • real-time polling,
  • real-time voting.

The individual widgets selection must be consistent with the topic you are presenting. Remember that the recipients above all appreciate the authenticity and reliability of the information provided. So, choose the options that will be interesting for your audience and influence their engagement.

2. Consider whether you want to record your video live streaming

As a rule, live streaming is significantly longer than traditional video posts. Already 10-15 minutes is enough for fans and other users to have a chance to join the live event. This will increase your audience and perhaps make the stream go viral and spread on the Internet, promoting your brand.

And if we're talking about this aspect, we also advise you to plan right away whether you want to record your live streaming. Looking at the benefits for the audience and the increased involvement of the community around your brand, this is a handy solution. Such a recording can be shared in other social channels or shared with people who, for some reason, could not watch you live. Sparkly will help you to record the entire live streaming literally in a few steps! Well, it's worth it, don't you think?

3. Battery and transfer - remember about the technology

Live streaming in social media does not require technical expertise or special equipment. A smartphone or laptop is enough to stream on Facebook or YouTube. However, it is necessary to take care of battery charging, especially in the case of outdoor transmissions. It wouldn't look good if the streaming were suddenly interrupted, would it?

The same applies to transfer - insufficient data transfer will cause the streaming to jam or break completely. Planning the video live streaming, we have to take care of proper parameters of the Internet connection and adequately configure the transmitted data quality.

4. Live streaming production - find a helper

Live streaming requires a lot of concentration from the host. Speaking at the same time, presenting products or showing the most interesting comments can be difficult. Ask someone to support you while streaming, so that you don't make a faux pas. This person can:

  • monitor the comments,
  • check user questions,
  • turn on the Sparkly planned widgets,
  • give you the products you want to show,
  • verify the agenda,
  • react to possible technical problems.

A good co-host will also help you in the moments when you need to return to the scenario and confirm that everything is going in the right direction. What is essential, live streaming conducted by more than one person is more attractive. You can then share your work on the comments and the implementation of the agenda. Moreover, the dialogue between the hosts may turn out to be more engaging than even a very well-prepared one-man stream. It is a win-win situation.

5. Arrange the space and prepare the necessary props

We often present different things during streaming. Video live streaming in fashion, e-commerce and sports are now most viewed. Before you start it, make sure that all the necessary accessories are within your reach. If you are presenting a larger space, e.g. when showing exercises, make sure that the camera covers precisely the areas where you will appear. It is also worth taking care of proper lighting or aesthetics surroundings.

6. Streaming promotion

The effort put into preparing even the simplest live streaming should not be wasted. If you decide to involve the viewers live, it is worth to reach as many people as possible. To this end, it is good practice to promote the planned interactive live video. How can you do it?

  • Prepare a series of posts in social media (you can use short video teaser for this). Remember to provide the topic, date and time of the live video streaming.
  • In case of a YouTube live, you can add the necessary information in the channel description or background graphics.
  • For Facebook live, it's a good idea to create an event for your fans and by posting information about upcoming live streaming.

The first stream - it's easy!

The first video live streaming is always the most difficult. When you start it, remember to welcome the viewers and quietly pursue your goals. Plan your agenda with engaging elements, but also balance the "directed" part with improvisation. This will increase the engagement during the streaming, and you can be sure that the audience will grow in number every time you enter the show! Good luck!