Live streaming as a medium

Live video changes the way brands think about marketing and promotion strategy. It is also increasingly used by companies for internal communication, as well as by a government or public benefit organizations. It has already proved to be an indispensable marketing tool, helping brands to develop and better engage their audience. 

Today no one is surprised that brands appear regularly in social media. During live streaming, they promote products, interact with viewers and answer questions. All these activities build an active community around the brand. So, by introducing an element of authentic human interaction, live video helps brands to become more transparent and accessible. 

When planning live streaming, pay attention to 5 TOP tips:

1. Plan and agenda of the live streaming

First of all, prepare a plan of topics and a scenario for each stream. Clearly defining the purpose of live streaming and thinking about what the agenda should look like is the key to success. Try to save the most crucial information as points. Then you can be sure that during the live streaming you will give your recipients all the information you care about. Additionally, a list prepared this way will be helpful during the stream. A quick look at the following points on the agenda will make you aware of which topics have already been completed and which you still need to refer to. Often happens that interactions with the audience can disturb the holder of the course of thinking, and breaks in statements do not look professional. Will you agree with us on this?

If you are planning your stream in Sparkly, you can add a meeting agenda before you start. This is done with a dedicated “coming up next” widget. It will let you know which elements have already been presented and which ones need to be clarified.

2. Choose features that will make streaming more attractive

Also, think about what additional components during the live broadcast will involve your audience. Countdown, show the most interesting comments live, or maybe answer questions? There are many possibilities, but the choice of individual widgets should be consistent with the topic you are presenting. 

Remember that Internet users above all appreciate the authenticity and reliability of the information provided. So, choose the options that will be interesting for your recipients and influence their engagement. In Sparkly, you can use these widgets at the planning stage of a live event.

3. Take care of the appropriate equipment

The level of live streaming is increasing all the time and if you want your broadcast to be of high quality - with video without interference, no noise and clear sound, it is essential to take care of the appropriate equipment. If you want to stream in social media, you have two options. The first is to use the native Facebook or YouTube app, which allows you to start streaming quickly. However, these solutions have some limitations. 

The second option is streaming using external tools such as Sparkly.  Then we have much more image processing capabilities and access to features that make our streaming more engaging. You certainly have to choose a good quality camera, take care of the right sound system, image brightness and the aesthetics of the surroundings. Before you start streaming, check also your equipment configuration and the quality of Internet connection.

4. Prepare a promotional streaming plan

Every live broadcast requires time and effort in preparation. If you don't take care of promoting your event, it might turn out that on the day of the planned live streaming, only a few people will be waiting for you on the other side of the screen.

To avoid such a situation, it is good practice to promote the planned stream. To do this, prepare a series of social media posts encouraging your fans to watch your stream. Remember to include the topic, date and time of the event. Start all these activities at least two weeks before your live performance date. Then you can be sure that your message will reach more people. It's also a good idea to create a dedicated event or add broadcast information in the channel description or background graphics.

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5. The key to success - involved viewers

Attractive live streaming gives value to the audience. If you approach it professionally, you can be sure that your fans will share positive opinions both during and after it. Attractive live streaming gives value to the audience. If you do it professionally, you can be sure that your fans will share positive opinions both during and after it. The level of satisfaction of your audience will increase also if:

- you show them the agenda of the meeting - both at the beginning and between the following streaming topics,

- you'll allow them to poll live - to express their opinions on the subject,

- you'll read their comments, and show the most interesting ones on the screen.

Thanks to this form of live streaming, your audience will feel that they influence what you do and that they are part of this event. Apparent barriers related to location or time zone will disappear, and what's more, you can be sure that your next live stream will attract many participants.

Do you have an idea on how to make your streaming more attractive? Sparkly would love to help you! Try it out for 14 days for free!